Chris Beasley

CEO - Edge Digital Group

Topic: The Ins and Outs of Digital Conversion

Chris Beasley is the CEO of Edge Digital Group which focuses in the areas of Enterprise Information Management and Digital Conversion. For over 25-years, Edge Digital Group has provided services to help transform and modernize customers business with the latest scanner technology, information management software and support services. Edge Digital Group's products help clients capture and optimize data to better serve customers as the advance and transform of their business with insightful technology

Discussion: Just when we’re getting serious about backfile conversion, COVID hits. We can’t even get to the physical files now, and some of them are actually needed for work ongoing work. Whenever we get back to the office, we will need additional space to maintain social distance. Those file cabinets and shelves will have to go. 


At the National Archives, new and updated quality standards will be issued this year to help agencies convert properly. New technologies are emerging with promises as big as their price tags.


It is a time of rapid digital transformation and a very interesting time to be in the scanning business.